What documents are required to make a booking?

. The documents required vary depending on your profile, whether you are a tenant or guarantor, student or employee, etc.

A detailed list is available on the website under “How to apply”.

How and when to book.

. Pre-book your accommodation in a TC residence of your choosing on https://dossierlocataire.twenty- or via Residences – Accommodation –

– I book

By pre-booking as early as possible, you increase the chance of being allocated your preferred accommodation.

Why book in advance? (High demand)

. Bookings are processed in order of arrival. The earlier you book, the better chance you have of being allocated accommodation.

What if I booked through a partner?

. The Twenty Campus partner must send us your request directly.

Ask them to register you so that we can process your application as a priority.

Is there a fee to pay on booking?

.No fee is payable at the time of booking. You only pay when you sign the lease.

How do I pay the charges?

.The charges can be paid by bank card in the Tenant Application. Payment can also be made by bank transfer.

Can I pay on arrival?

. No. When we send you the lease, you must pay the required amount by bank card before arrival.

Payment can also be made by bank transfer.

What if I am interested in several residences?

.When you book, we take into account the location that you select and offer you several residences in that area. This saves you having to make more than one booking.

We do our best to give you your first choice. To change your accommodation and/or residence, contact the Rental Service, under the Contact tab. You are strongly advised not to make several bookings.

What if I have not yet received the admissions results from my school?

.Pre-book anyway to increase your chance of being allocated accommodation.

Remember – applications are processed in order of arrival. You can accept or refuse the accommodation offered if you don’t get the results you expected.

Can I book/apply directly at the Residence?

. Twenty Campus has an online booking system. Pre-bookings can only be made on our website. No applications will be accepted or processed at the residences.

Can I choose my accommodation?

.You may make specific requests, but we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to meet that request. Accommodation is allocated according to availability.

Can two people share accommodation?

.Yes, if the accommodation is designed for two people, particularly for bed size.

Serviced accommodation charges may be reassessed if there is an additional person.

I would like to flat share.

.If you provide your flatmate’s email address when booking, we will put your bookings together to request accommodation suitable for sharing.

My postal address, email address and/or telephone number have changed.

.Inform your account manager in your Twenty Campus online space under “New message”.