Is home insurance compulsory?

. Since the Law of 6 July 1989, multi-risk home insurance is compulsory:

. When you sign your lease, you must give your landlord an insurance certificate that specifies the duration and the risks covered.

. Every year, you must provide your new annual insurance certificate on the anniversary of your insurance contract.

. If you are no longer insured, your lease provides for termination.

. Home insurance must be provided at the latest when the keys are handed over. To make it simpler, Twenty Campus requests this insurance certificate when the lease is signed.

. Insurance is in your interest because accidents may occur and cause damage in your accommodation, in the building or in your neighbour’s accommodation.

. If you do not have insurance, you may be held liable and have to compensate the landlord or your neighbours. The sums involved may be substantial.

. Your insurance contract must cover damage caused by fire, explosions, water, theft, rental risks, and liability to neighbours for a sufficient amount with a solvent insurance company.

. It should cover your property and your liability to your landlord.

You are strongly advised to take out civil liability insurance to cover accidental damage caused to third parties, including cover during internships, school and extracurricular activities.

. When booking, we offer a complete insurance package, Twenty Assur’, which is tailored to Twenty Campus clients.