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Why partner with Twenty Campus?
Twenty Campus is committed to helping young people by promoting strong links with the world of education, and to providing housing that is accessible to all, enhanced by services. At Twenty Campus, we say that our residences are innovative, but above all that they are “residences designed by students, and approved by parents”.
More than just accommodation, Twenty Campus offers a living environment, an environment that encourages study, and is keeping the spirit of student life, enabling us to meet the needs of our partners.

How can Twenty Campus help me accommodate my audience?
Choosing Twenty Campus means choosing flexibility, responsiveness, and the ability to adapt to all your requirements. Our partners will be satisfied with the respect of the commitments made, with dedicated & privileged commercial agreements based on common values: openness, performance, simplicity, and innovation.

SIMPLICITY: A simplified, tailored approach for international customers.

CUSTOMIZED OFFER: A personalized offer.

SERVICES: Unique residences with included services and a big brother who listens to his students.

INTERLOCUTOR: A dedicated contact who gives priority to students, interns, researchers, doctoral students, young professionals and salaried employees for all their housing needs.

Our team in charge of developing school partnerships will offer you the solution best suited to your structure and your needs. Contact them by email or on Linkedin :



Catherine CORRAUX                                         Alexandre KARPIK                              


You are not looking for a housing partnership, and would like to propose a partnership to Twenty Campus?
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